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01. April 07


Frank aka Krethiplethi

Dear Mr. Jansen,

your work is very impressiv.

I never ment that the wind can make a 2,8 to. sculpture walk! Thank you for doing this and make my day a little better.

I saw the BMW spot and got some problems to find you, because unfortunately your name is hardy to be understood! Ask BMW to write it in the spot, but i think its too late.

Let me tell you again (from non prof-artist to professional artist) VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE

best regards
Viel Erfolg mit Ihrer Arbeit

Frank aka Krethiplethi

Sehr geehrter Herr Schlichter,

schicken/reichen sie es weiter?

Danke :)


Günter H.

I saw the BMW spot too. Find your ideas and work great. Thank you for that and your marvelous mind.

Best Regards

José Luis Cuevas

Mr Jensen

I watched Bmw tv spot, and first thing I thought was "it can´t be reality, must be an pc program, an edited images".

I started to look for more information....I know I can´t stop watching your machines, it´s amazing, one of the greatest thingss I have watched in my life, it´s like a dream come truth....you are an ARTIST.

Congratulations for your machines (how do you call them?) it´s really really FANTASTIC.

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Great Post !! You are work is very good. You are looking to be very talented person. Thank you for sharing !! It is really my pleasure i read your post ! Thanks!!

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  • Andreas_kran
    Set photos.


  • Theo
    shooting at the hill