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03. Mai 07


Mary Robinette Kowal

Even with compressed audio this is wonderful to see. Thank you!

Jamie Tucker

This is so amazing to see.

it left me speechless.

Nicolas Blackburn

Those creatures are amazing. Seeing them slowly walking on the beach makes my thoughts escape in dreamy places. Then, I wonder if it would be possible to ride them.

Luiz Paulo Rocha

awesome! it seems rough and tough but still absolutely angelical!

noel j

fantastic ..I love what your doing here

One of my first thoughts when the video started was,dont stop what your doing,or go dying on us Theo Jansen!! (is that bad?)

I just feel like your a pioneer,a genius even,and your onto something very important,something groundbreaking for the future


consider vimeo instead of videoegg. it provides much better quality.


Super.Bravissimo! Surprise for my son Olega
Yuriy Shalapko from Ukraine

Online Movies

This is really incredible to see. I love your post. I have enjoyed lot while watching your video. Thank you for sharing with us !!

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  • Andreas_kran
    Set photos.


  • Theo
    shooting at the hill